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  1. Photo of Boris Barnet

    Boris Barnet Director

  2. Photo of Mikhail Volpin

    Mikhail Volpin Screenplay

  3. Photo of Nikolay Erdman

    Nikolay Erdman Screenplay

  4. Photo of Ivan Skuratov

    Ivan Skuratov Cast

  5. Photo of Anna Komolova

    Anna Komolova Cast

  6. Photo of Leonid Kmit

    Leonid Kmit Cast

  7. Photo of Sergei Blinnikov

    Sergei Blinnikov Cast

  8. Photo of Lidiya Deikun

    Lidiya Deikun Cast

  9. Photo of Ivan Lyubeznov

    Ivan Lyubeznov Cast

  10. Photo of Vladimir Popov

    Vladimir Popov Cast

  11. Photo of Fyodor Kurikhin

    Fyodor Kurikhin Cast

  12. Photo of Vladimir Lepko

    Vladimir Lepko Cast

  13. Photo of Vladimir Dorofeyev

    Vladimir Dorofeyev Cast

  14. Photo of Aleksandra Denisova

    Aleksandra Denisova Cast

  15. Photo of Nikolai Nikitich

    Nikolai Nikitich Cast

  16. Photo of A. Salnikova

    A. Salnikova Cast

  17. Photo of Konstantin Kuznetsov

    Konstantin Kuznetsov Cinematography

  18. Photo of Vladimir Yurovsky

    Vladimir Yurovsky Music

  19. Photo of Artur Berger

    Artur Berger Production Design

  20. Photo of Vladimir Kamsky

    Vladimir Kamsky Production Design