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  1. Photo of Sylvain Chomet

    Sylvain Chomet Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Pascal Blais

    Pascal Blais Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Michel Dutheli

    Michel Dutheli Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Jean-Yves Martel

    Jean-Yves Martel Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Colin Rose

    Colin Rose Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Bernard Lajoie

    Bernard Lajoie Executive Producer and Producer

  7. Photo of Didier Brunner

    Didier Brunner Producer and Executive Producer

  8. Photo of David Freeman

    David Freeman Screenplay

  9. Photo of Alan Gilbey

    Alan Gilbey Screenplay

  10. Photo of James Pidgeon

    James Pidgeon Cast

  11. Photo of Michoue Sylvain

    Michoue Sylvain Cast

  12. Photo of Andrea Usher-Jones

    Andrea Usher-Jones Cast

  13. Photo of Chantal Colibert

    Chantal Colibert Editing

  14. Photo of Hélène Girard

    Hélène Girard Editing

  15. Photo of Jean Corti

    Jean Corti Music