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  1. Photo of Knut Bohwim

    Knut Bohwim Director

  2. Photo of Erik Balling

    Erik Balling Screenplay

  3. Photo of Henning Bahs

    Henning Bahs Screenplay

  4. Photo of Oskar Steingrimsen

    Oskar Steingrimsen Screenplay

  5. Photo of Arve Opsahl

    Arve Opsahl Cast

  6. Photo of Carsten Byhring

    Carsten Byhring Cast

  7. Photo of Sverre Holm

    Sverre Holm Cast

  8. Photo of Aud Schønemann

    Aud Schønemann Cast

  9. Photo of Pål Johannessen

    Pål Johannessen Cast

  10. Photo of Helge Reiss

    Helge Reiss Cast

  11. Photo of Dan Fosse

    Dan Fosse Cast

  12. Photo of Alf Malland

    Alf Malland Cast

  13. Photo of Sverre Wilberg

    Sverre Wilberg Cast

  14. Photo of Mattis Mathiesen

    Mattis Mathiesen Cinematography

  15. Photo of Bent Fabricius-Bjerre

    Bent Fabricius-Bjerre Music

  16. Photo of Peter Høimark

    Peter Høimark Production Design

  17. Photo of Per A. Anonsen

    Per A. Anonsen Editing