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  1. Photo of Cheh Chang

    Cheh Chang Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Ni KuanKuang g

    Ni KuanKuang g Screenplay

  3. Photo of Wang Yu

    Wang Yu Cast

  4. Photo of Chiao Chiao

    Chiao Chiao Cast

  5. Photo of Huang Chung-Hsin

    Huang Chung-Hsin Cast

  6. Photo of Pan Yin Tze

    Pan Yin Tze Cast

  7. Photo of Chang Pei-Shan

    Chang Pei-Shan Cast

  8. Photo of Chao Hsiung

    Chao Hsiung Cast

  9. Photo of Chen Chuan

    Chen Chuan Cast

  10. Photo of Chen Shao-Peng

    Chen Shao-Peng Cast

  11. Photo of Chen Yanyan

    Chen Yanyan Cast

  12. Photo of Cheng Lei

    Cheng Lei Cast

  13. Photo of Lung Chiang

    Lung Chiang Cast

  14. Photo of Yuan Chieh

    Yuan Chieh Cast

  15. Photo of Chin Chun

    Chin Chun Cast

  16. Photo of Siu Loi Chow

    Siu Loi Chow Cast

  17. Photo of Dan Fan

    Dan Fan Cast

  18. Photo of Yuan Chen San

    Yuan Chen San Cinematography

  19. Photo of Wang Fu-ling

    Wang Fu-ling Music

  20. Photo of Runme Shaw

    Runme Shaw Producer