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  1. Roy Markowitz's rating of the film The Order of Myths

    Self-delusion is alive and well-hidden behind masks, both real and implied.This exceptional and compelling documentary allows the viewer to construct a narrative of white dominance and black submission on view during a Mardi-Gras event in Mobile Alabama. Long held close-ups reveal the visual contradictions of what is being said."If you stop recording I'll tell you a true story" says a respected white senior. Really?

  2. klofter's rating of the film The Order of Myths

    Quite an amazing bit of filmmaking. Gets to the heart of its (very multilayered) subject by finding a universal truth in a very specific setting, as all great art does. The final shot is a bit too lurid for my taste but mileage may vary.

  3. Lady MB's rating of the film The Order of Myths

    That was the most captivating ending to a documentary I have ever seen. Change happening on the surface, moving forward, an interesting look at a unique part of Mardi Gras culture. Modern people walking a delicate balance between tradition and the acceptance of change with a history of hate and horrid secrets. What a great documentary!

  4. Marcus Jones's rating of the film The Order of Myths

    I'm from Mobile, AL. Mardi Gras is a big thing every year, but I never knew much of anything about the different orders and organizations. Very interesting doc. It made me cringe at my hometown many times, but it also made me want a moonpie something fierce.

  5. Witek Lewis's rating of the film The Order of Myths

    ✺ This movie starts with the most boring looking interview subject of all time and ends with the same subject saying the most infuriating sentence of all time ✺ Better than average documentary ✺ Gives perspective to any metropolitan-living person who complains about racism in their city ✺ On a base level, great document of how wacky city traditions can be ✺

  6. jim in austin's rating of the film The Order of Myths

    Two cultures, same myth and finally they intersect...

  7. Vassilis Tsitsopoulos's rating of the film The Order of Myths

    I would like to urge MUBI to make this film available to its other national or regional audiences. (Different MUBI "channels" do not show the same films although there is some overlap.) There is not enough space here to do justice to this film and to the moral brilliance of its director. The film is valuable on multiple different levels and for multiple reasons.

  8. Rachel Peterson's rating of the film The Order of Myths

    Such a well-done film! It is no surprise that it is the gutsiness of the young black king and queen who reach out successfully... there was such a sincere belief that it was the right thing to do and a genuine delight that they were received graciously - wonderful. It will always be the young, the sons and the daughters who change the way a community can 'see' each other.

  9. eric gould's rating of the film The Order of Myths

    Documentary filmmaker Margaret Brown discovers a surprising revelation from Mobile, Alabama, the first American city to adopt Mardi Gras celebrations in 1703. Ever since, the city has had a segregation tradition. Her film The Order of Myths sees a break from the status quo as carnival kings and queens share Mardi Gras experiences for the first time on either side of the racial divide, bearing witness to change.

  10. D♯'s rating of the film The Order of Myths

    just watched this and suddenly i'm craving moon pies

  11. Valerie Ann's rating of the film The Order of Myths

  12. Chani C.'s rating of the film The Order of Myths

    There's always something more sinister underneath, isn't there? Though there is something to be said about where we are from being a part of us, that doesn't mean it must also become us. Wonderful film- beautifully done and well told.