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  1. Photo of Arild Andresen

    Arild Andresen Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Lars Gudmestad

    Lars Gudmestad Screenplay

  3. Photo of Tore Renberg

    Tore Renberg Screenplay

  4. Photo of Vebjørn Enger

    Vebjørn Enger Cast

  5. Photo of Cecilie A. Mosli

    Cecilie A. Mosli Cast

  6. Photo of Kristoffer Joner

    Kristoffer Joner Cast

  7. Photo of Glenn André Viste Bøe

    Glenn André Viste Bøe Cast

  8. Photo of Eili Harboe

    Eili Harboe Cast

  9. Photo of Rolf Kristian Larsen

    Rolf Kristian Larsen Cast

  10. Photo of Henrik Mestad

    Henrik Mestad Cast

  11. Photo of Tone Beate Mostraum

    Tone Beate Mostraum Cast

  12. Photo of Gretelill Tangen

    Gretelill Tangen Cast

  13. Photo of Andreas Cappelen

    Andreas Cappelen Cast

  14. Photo of Philip Øgaard

    Philip Øgaard Cinematography

  15. Photo of Aslak Hartberg

    Aslak Hartberg Music

  16. Photo of Sigve Endresen

    Sigve Endresen Producer

  17. Photo of Yngve Sæther

    Yngve Sæther Producer

  18. Photo of Vidar Flataukan

    Vidar Flataukan Editing

  19. Photo of Hugo Ekornes

    Hugo Ekornes Sound