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  1. Burak's rating of the film The Orphanage

    Erkek çocuğu olmanın diş ağrısına benzeyen o tatlı acısına güzel bir yorum.

  2. esgryln's rating of the film The Orphanage

  3. Justin's rating of the film The Orphanage

    Episodic, dreamy, both realist & fantastic. Suffers from its drifting nature, telling a mood rather than a story. The young non-professional actors really brought something interesting

  4. Daniele Cinemaniaco's rating of the film The Orphanage

    Luogo di segregazione che diventa luogo di protezione e crescita, l'istituto è un modo per raccontare cosa era l'Afganistan prima dell'arrivo dei mujaheddin. E mentre fuori si svolge la Storia, dentro speranze, amori, tragedie e desideri fanno crescere i ragazzi. Fantastici i voli mentali in stile musical indiano, arricchiscono le venature di humor presenti. Consigliato.

  5. Alexander Tschirk's rating of the film The Orphanage

    Berührendes Drama rund um Jugendliche in der Pubertät, die nur kleine Gaunereien, aber kein geregeltes Leben kennen. Im Heim & mit dem ersten Unterricht ihres Lebens, pendeln sie zwischen Freude (dank sowjetischem Einfluss) & Anpassungsschwierigkeiten, um am Ende einer neue Gefahr ausgeliefert zu sein: einem politischen Umsturz & der Errichtung eines islamischen Gottesstaats, der weder Gnade noch Toleranz kennt.

  6. SiIencio's rating of the film The Orphanage

    Innocent, well-intended and irreproachable if fundamentaly bland and timid coming-of-age sweet little drama with cheerful Bollywood bunting and unconcealed pro-Soviet afilliations. Get your milkshake, vatrushkas and your old Lenin posters out, sit comfortably and enjoy Sadat's homage to the motherland.

  7. Marina's rating of the film The Orphanage

    No esta traducida al español

  8. Pango's rating of the film The Orphanage

    Went with zero expectations and I was blown away. This Mubi discovery was delicate as much as powerful. The gritty reality is alternated with phenomenal Bollywood musical sequence that perfectly captures how cinema is always there to save us during difficult times even in the most remote parts of the world.

  9. Anisa Sabiri's rating of the film The Orphanage

  10. Laura Ortu's rating of the film The Orphanage

    Truly meaningful story, it is a very realistic portrait of a very complex historical moment for Afghanistan, and the twist of it is perfectly embodied in the figure of the children, the solidarity between them, their dreams, their challenges, and their hopes. A movie that should be showed in any school where teenagers can still see how important it is their learning journey for shaping their future.

  11. richard's rating of the film The Orphanage

  12. Ömer Kazancı's rating of the film The Orphanage

    It was certainly alluring to see a film from Afghanistan taking place in late 80's period. Islamist, Russian and Bollywood influence converge in a specific era in a peculiar geography with memorable elements: children playing with bullets, killing themselves, surviving their lives as orphans. However, the film is more of random scenes from a memoir, and doesn’t add up to anything coherent in the end. Abrupt ending.

  13. alan fair's rating of the film The Orphanage

    This is liberatory cinema at its best. The quietly thoughtful camera work allows us to understand the truth of these orphaned boys lives. A film of simple, poetic pathos that manages its mostly young cast with a sensitive humanity. It shifts from the oneiric to the realist in inventive ways that encourages a sympathetic relation between the viewer and the viewed. Great cinema, simple complexity.

  14. jiorjioss's rating of the film The Orphanage

    A beautifully-told coming-of-age story concerning an orphanage in communist-era Afghanistan, the innocence of youth comes to a sudden end with the Islamic takeover of the country. While it's a good coming-of-age story, the historical background and the splendid use of Indian music to express feeling (as if to tell us how foreign both Communism and fundamental Islam was to Afghans) make this a great film...

  15. Büşra Gürler's rating of the film The Orphanage

    Islamists were supported, backed and armed by CIA and US State in order to gain control against the rising Soviet influence and power in the region. Later, with the help of CIA these Taliban radical islamist armed forces (one of their leaders was "someone called" Osama Bin Laden) will become more powerful, and totally ruin the peace in the Middle East. It is a good movie that tells a good story about those times.

  16. _Stephanie_'s rating of the film The Orphanage

    Absolutely wonderful - a really interesting, educating film about a period of Afghanistan's recent history that is also rich in creativity, inventiveness and humour. Bravo!

  17. rogerpancake's rating of the film The Orphanage

    What an interesting film ..wasn’t sure about the dream sequences initially but they really added that mad touch that was in keeping with the mood..thought the child actors and the lead male were a real breath of fresh air and a real antidote to the all singing all smiling nonsense we see from Hollywood .

  18. pete's rating of the film The Orphanage

    something very authentic about this film without been overly worthy. Definitely recommend

  19. Samuel Weisman's rating of the film The Orphanage

    Great! There is no hope... Fanaticism is all over, religious, political, economic, no hope Arnoldo Kraus

  20. Ahmad Hikam's rating of the film The Orphanage

  21. Lloyd's rating of the film The Orphanage

    Dreamy injection of Bollywood cinematography in a playful, yet not-so-carefree world of orphaned boys in 1989 Kabul. Sadat`s unique portrayal of real-life social & political issues in the unconventional lens of young, adolescent life in an orphanage is captivating.

  22. GRAZIELLA's rating of the film The Orphanage

  23. Rebecca MacDuff's rating of the film The Orphanage

  24. Gianni Romeo's rating of the film The Orphanage

    The best character is the boy who goes mad due to all those hot female bodies he knows he can't get (what? wasn't that the reason?).

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