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  1. Photo of Sam Peckinpah

    Sam Peckinpah Director

  2. Photo of Alan Sharp

    Alan Sharp Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ian Masters

    Ian Masters Screenplay

  4. Photo of Robert Ludlum

    Robert Ludlum Screenplay

  5. Photo of Guy Collins

    Guy Collins Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Peter S. Davis

    Peter S. Davis Producer

  7. Photo of Larry Jones

    Larry Jones Executive Producer

  8. Photo of Michael T. Murphy

    Michael T. Murphy Executive Producer

  9. Photo of William N. Panzer

    William N. Panzer Producer

  10. Photo of Marc W. Zavat

    Marc W. Zavat Executive Producer

  11. Photo of Lalo Schifrin

    Lalo Schifrin Music

  12. Photo of John Coquillon

    John Coquillon Cinematography

  13. Photo of Edward M. Abroms

    Edward M. Abroms Editing

  14. Photo of David Rawlins

    David Rawlins Editing

  15. Photo of Robb Wilson King

    Robb Wilson King Production Design

  16. Photo of Rutger Hauer

    Rutger Hauer Cast

  17. Photo of John Hurt

    John Hurt Cast

  18. Photo of Craig T. Nelson

    Craig T. Nelson Cast

  19. Photo of Dennis Hopper

    Dennis Hopper Cast

  20. Photo of Chris Sarandon

    Chris Sarandon Cast

  21. Photo of Meg Foster

    Meg Foster Cast

  22. Photo of Helen Shaver

    Helen Shaver Cast

  23. Photo of Cassie Yates

    Cassie Yates Cast

  24. Photo of Sandy McPeak

    Sandy McPeak Cast

  25. Photo of Christopher Starr

    Christopher Starr Cast

  26. Photo of Burt Lancaster

    Burt Lancaster Cast

  27. Photo of Cheryl Carter

    Cheryl Carter Cast

  28. Photo of John Bryson

    John Bryson Cast

  29. Photo of Anne Haney

    Anne Haney Cast