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  1. Photo of Orson Welles

    Orson Welles Director, Editing Screenplay

  2. Photo of Robert Aiken

    Robert Aiken Cast

  3. Photo of St├ęphane Audran

    St├ęphane Audran Cast

  4. Photo of Peter Bogdanovich

    Peter Bogdanovich Cast

  5. Photo of Kevin Cloud Brechner

    Kevin Cloud Brechner Cast

  6. Photo of Claude Chabrol

    Claude Chabrol Cast

  7. Photo of Norman Foster

    Norman Foster Cast

  8. Photo of Howard Grossman

    Howard Grossman Cast

  9. Photo of Dennis Hopper

    Dennis Hopper Cast

  10. Photo of John Huston

    John Huston Cast

  11. Photo of Larry Jackson

    Larry Jackson Cast

  12. Photo of Henry Jaglom

    Henry Jaglom Cast

  13. Photo of Peter Jason

    Peter Jason Cast

  14. Photo of Oja Kodar

    Oja Kodar Cast

  15. Photo of Rich Little

    Rich Little Cast

  16. Photo of Cathy Luvas

    Cathy Luvas Cast

  17. Photo of Paul Mazursky

    Paul Mazursky Cast

  18. Photo of Joseph McBride

    Joseph McBride Cast

  19. Photo of Mercedes McCambridge

    Mercedes McCambridge Cast

  20. Photo of Cameron Mitchell

    Cameron Mitchell Cast

  21. Photo of Allen G. Norman

    Allen G. Norman Cast

  22. Photo of Edmond O'Brien

    Edmond O'Brien Cast

  23. Photo of Lilli Palmer

    Lilli Palmer Cast

  24. Photo of Robert Random

    Robert Random Cast

  25. Photo of Benny Rubin

    Benny Rubin Cast

  26. Photo of Tonio Selwart

    Tonio Selwart Cast

  27. Photo of Susan Strasberg

    Susan Strasberg Cast

  28. Photo of Ron Charles

    Ron Charles Cast

  29. Photo of Cameron Crowe

    Cameron Crowe Cast

  30. Photo of Curtis Harrington

    Curtis Harrington Cast

  31. Photo of Gary Graver

    Gary Graver Cinematography and Cast

  32. Photo of Eric Sherman

    Eric Sherman Cinematography

  33. Photo of Dominique Antoine

    Dominique Antoine Producer

  34. Photo of Frank Marshall

    Frank Marshall Producer

  35. Photo of Richard Waltzer

    Richard Waltzer Producer and Cast

  36. Photo of Jonathon Braun

    Jonathon Braun Editing

  37. Photo of Yves Deschamps

    Yves Deschamps Editing

  38. Photo of Paul Hunt

    Paul Hunt Editing, Sound, Producer Cast

  39. Photo of Alexander Welles

    Alexander Welles Editing