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  1. Photo of Dinu Cocea

    Dinu Cocea Director

  2. Photo of Eugen Barbu

    Eugen Barbu Screenplay

  3. Photo of Mihai Opriş

    Mihai Opriş Screenplay

  4. Photo of Ion Besoiu

    Ion Besoiu Cast

  5. Photo of Marga Barbu

    Marga Barbu Cast

  6. Photo of Amza Pellea

    Amza Pellea Cast

  7. Photo of Elisabeta Jar

    Elisabeta Jar Cast

  8. Photo of Ion Finteșteanu

    Ion Finteșteanu Cast

  9. Photo of Alexandru Giugaru

    Alexandru Giugaru Cast

  10. Photo of Fory Etterle

    Fory Etterle Cast

  11. Photo of Toma Caragiu

    Toma Caragiu Cast

  12. Photo of Florin Scarlatescu

    Florin Scarlatescu Cast

  13. Photo of Marin Moraru

    Marin Moraru Cast

  14. Photo of Mircea Sintimbreanu

    Mircea Sintimbreanu Cast

  15. Photo of Constantin Gurita

    Constantin Gurita Cast

  16. Photo of Ileana Buhaci-Gurgulescu

    Ileana Buhaci-Gurgulescu Cast

  17. Photo of George Voicu

    George Voicu Cinematography

  18. Photo of Mircea Istrate

    Mircea Istrate Music

  19. Photo of Adina Codrescu

    Adina Codrescu Editing