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  1. Photo of Ib Mossin

    Ib Mossin Director, Screenplay Cast

  2. Photo of Finn Aabye

    Finn Aabye Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Just Betzer

    Just Betzer Producer

  4. Photo of Henning Karmark

    Henning Karmark Producer

  5. Photo of Morten Korch

    Morten Korch Screenplay

  6. Photo of Alice O'Fredericks

    Alice O'Fredericks Screenplay and Director

  7. Photo of Mikael Salomon

    Mikael Salomon Cinematography

  8. Photo of Astrid Villaume

    Astrid Villaume Cast

  9. Photo of Kjeld Jacobsen

    Kjeld Jacobsen Cast

  10. Photo of Bertel Lauring

    Bertel Lauring Cast

  11. Photo of Erik Kühnau

    Erik Kühnau Cast

  12. Photo of Ejner Federspiel

    Ejner Federspiel Cast

  13. Photo of Gunnar Lemvigh

    Gunnar Lemvigh Cast

  14. Photo of Anna-Louise Lefèvre

    Anna-Louise Lefèvre Cast

  15. Photo of Henry Lohmann

    Henry Lohmann Cast

  16. Photo of Christian Arhoff

    Christian Arhoff Cast

  17. Photo of Helge Kjærulff-Schmidt

    Helge Kjærulff-Schmidt Cast

  18. Photo of Karen Wegener

    Karen Wegener Cast

  19. Photo of Lili Heglund

    Lili Heglund Cast

  20. Photo of Niels Hemmingsen

    Niels Hemmingsen Cast

  21. Photo of Folmer Rubæk

    Folmer Rubæk Cast

  22. Photo of Marianne Kjærulff-Schmidt

    Marianne Kjærulff-Schmidt Cast

  23. Photo of Lars Brydesen

    Lars Brydesen Editing

  24. Photo of Togo Esben

    Togo Esben Production Design

  25. Photo of Sven Gyldmark

    Sven Gyldmark Music

  26. Photo of Adam Hollesen

    Adam Hollesen Sound

  27. Photo of Erik Rasmussen

    Erik Rasmussen Sound

  28. Photo of Elva Nordli

    Elva Nordli Costume Design