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  1. Gabriele Malagoli's rating of the film The Pacific

    1.5 - thought I was going to watch an updated version of Band of Brothers, yet what I received was one of the most boring TV series ever

  2. venenatis's rating of the film The Pacific

  3. Brittany Quinn's rating of the film The Pacific

    If we have to compare to Band of Brothers, I have to say I found that series so incredibly boring I couldn't finish. There was a kind of nostalgic, softened distance to its portrayal of war. This series however has a terrible emotional intimacy to it. Just searing and relentless, grisly business. The scene where Sledge goes into battle for the first time was incredibly well done.

  4. Tigrão's rating of the film The Pacific

    This is dangerously addictive. Seriously, it's really well made, beautifully shot, and finely written. What else?

  5. flobota's rating of the film The Pacific

    It certainly does not live up to the heritage of Band of Brothers. Some pointless love stories and bad acting ruin a big part of it. On the other hand side aspects like the island asylum on Kavuvu were pretty interesting. What disturbed me most is the lack of Hiroshima/Nagasaki. In BoB it seemed to be no problem to critisice some unpleasant parts of the war. Here you just get some more slow mo and Hans Zimmer music.