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  1. Filipe F. Coutinho's rating of the film The Paper

    Most of the criticism about The Paper is understandable, but I'm just super into everything about this film -- Michael Keaton, journalism, rapid-fire dialogue, racial tensions, screwball tendencies, vintage David Koepp... I mean even Spalding fucking Gray. Sold!

  2. richardlawrn's rating of the film The Paper

    Too long, but it's a nice film to watch... don't know, something about the way it screams 90's all over the place just makes you love it! That "fight" over the keys was hilarious.

  3. The Mayor Of Hell's rating of the film The Paper

    Keaton is the man and Marisa tomei is so hot.

  4. Sean Proud's rating of the film The Paper

    Really appreciate overtly shoving the entire exposition down my throat within the first 10 minutes. But Michael Keaton, I love you.

  5. Cbarky99's rating of the film The Paper

    Entertaining snapshot of the North American media landscape in a moment right before 24/7 connectvity - internet/cell phones/etc, began to take off. Not quite two decades old, and yet it feels like a different planet.