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  1. FISCHER's rating of the film The Paradine Case

    Du travail bien fait pour un scénario somme toute très lent et une intrigue relativement banale. Le grand maître a fait bien mieux dans le genre...

  2. Maudealan's rating of the film The Paradine Case

    A lot of people I like a lot but it doesn't really flow, like maybe it's Gregory Peck's fault (he could be stoic sad but tormented is different) or maybe it doesn't get to play certain parts to the hilt the way it should, idk.

  3. ExperimentoFilm's rating of the film The Paradine Case

    Flawed but better than I had feared. Peck is hopelessly miscast but does his best, Todd's speeches to him are appallingly overwritten and Tetzel's courtroom comments are terribly irritating. On the plus side: Laughton is blatantly scene-stealing (surprise!) and only Barrymore can keep his mad eyebrows in check; Valli and Jourdan both have striking English-language debuts. In sum, a pretty gripping melodrama.

  4. Federico Di Folco's rating of the film The Paradine Case

    Buon melodramma giudiziario firmato Hitchcock che si sofferma molto sulla psicologia dei personaggi piuttosto che sullo sviluppo della trama,che rimane abbastanza ancorata senza strappi o colpi di scena.Gli attori non mi sono sembrati molto azzeccati,specie Peck e la Valli mentre Laughton e la moglie sono divini.Le scene in tribunale sono stupende(Latur su tutte),simili le ho viste solo nei film di Lumet.3,5*

  5. João R.'s rating of the film The Paradine Case

    Maddalena Paradine is such a mysterious and elegant character that I don't understand how her manipulative ways (both romantically towards Keane and towards the truth) weren't as developed as they were required. It all seems very impersonal, hollow, yet wonderful. Obviously, I'm not complaining about Hitchcock's work.

  6. Hikaru's rating of the film The Paradine Case

    This could have been an interesting study on one male's romantic and destructive obsession over a female (sounds familiar?), but it is burdened with too many empty words and psychological baggage.

  7. Ingrid Bergman's rating of the film The Paradine Case

    Would have loved to have seen this with Hitchcock's choices for the leads: Garbo as Anna; Olivier as Anthony Keane and Ingrid Bergman as Gay Keane. Gregory Peck is disappointing as Anthony Keane because he is obviously American and he shows no restraint in his portrayal. Charles Laughton steals the show as Judge Horfield and his character provides an interesting morality twist to the straightforward storyline.

  8. chanandre's rating of the film The Paradine Case

    [Cinémathèque PT #44: 35 mm]

  9. danhofstra's rating of the film The Paradine Case

    I had never heard of this picture before I caught it on TCM today and couldn't figure out why. I really enjoyed it.

  10. SAMMAX's rating of the film The Paradine Case

    The most underrated Hitchcock picture