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  1. Photo of Sergio Nasca

    Sergio Nasca Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Laura Toscano

    Laura Toscano Screenplay

  3. Photo of Franco Marotta

    Franco Marotta Screenplay

  4. Photo of Gianfranco Manfredi

    Gianfranco Manfredi Screenplay

  5. Photo of Luciano Vincenzoni

    Luciano Vincenzoni Screenplay

  6. Photo of Enrico Montesano

    Enrico Montesano Cast and Screenplay

  7. Photo of Edwige Fenech

    Edwige Fenech Cast

  8. Photo of Enzo Liberti

    Enzo Liberti Cast

  9. Photo of Rossano Brazzi

    Rossano Brazzi Cast

  10. Photo of Daniela Poggi

    Daniela Poggi Cast

  11. Photo of Enzo Robutti

    Enzo Robutti Cast

  12. Photo of Marco Messeri

    Marco Messeri Cast

  13. Photo of Mauro Di Francesco

    Mauro Di Francesco Cast

  14. Photo of Ugo Fangareggi

    Ugo Fangareggi Cast

  15. Photo of Carlo Monni

    Carlo Monni Cast

  16. Photo of Enzo Cannavale

    Enzo Cannavale Cast

  17. Photo of Leo Gullotta

    Leo Gullotta Cast

  18. Photo of Franco Diogene

    Franco Diogene Cast

  19. Photo of Roberto Ceccacci

    Roberto Ceccacci Cast

  20. Photo of Clarita Gatto

    Clarita Gatto Cast

  21. Photo of Barbara Herrera

    Barbara Herrera Cast

  22. Photo of Pietro Zardini

    Pietro Zardini Cast

  23. Photo of Nicola Di Gioia

    Nicola Di Gioia Cast

  24. Photo of Angelo Boscariol

    Angelo Boscariol Cast

  25. Photo of Giuseppe Aquari

    Giuseppe Aquari Cinematography

  26. Photo of Armando Trovajoli

    Armando Trovajoli Music

  27. Photo of Gastone Carsetti

    Gastone Carsetti Production Design

  28. Photo of Fulvio Lucisano

    Fulvio Lucisano Producer

  29. Photo of Antonio Siciliano

    Antonio Siciliano Editing