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  1. Photo of John Castle

    John Castle Screenplay

  2. Photo of Dirk Bogarde

    Dirk Bogarde Cast

  3. Photo of Maria Perschy

    Maria Perschy Cast

  4. Photo of Alfred Lynch

    Alfred Lynch Cast

  5. Photo of Nigel Stock

    Nigel Stock Cast

  6. Photo of Reginald Beckwith

    Reginald Beckwith Cast

  7. Photo of Richard Marner

    Richard Marner Cast

  8. Photo of Ed Devereaux

    Ed Devereaux Cast

  9. Photo of Lewis Fiander

    Lewis Fiander Cast

  10. Photo of George Mikell

    George Mikell Cast

  11. Photo of Richard Carpenter

    Richard Carpenter Cast

  12. Photo of Bernard Archard

    Bernard Archard Cast

  13. Photo of Ferdy Mayne

    Ferdy Mayne Cast

  14. Photo of George Pravda

    George Pravda Cast

  15. Photo of Olaf Pooley

    Olaf Pooley Cast

  16. Photo of Michael Mellinger

    Michael Mellinger Cast

  17. Photo of Colin Blakely

    Colin Blakely Cast

  18. Photo of Margaret Whiting

    Margaret Whiting Cast

  19. Photo of Charles Durning

    Charles Durning Cast

  20. Photo of Andrew L. Stone

    Andrew L. Stone Producer, Director Screenplay

  21. Photo of Sydney Streeter

    Sydney Streeter Producer

  22. Photo of Derek New

    Derek New Music

  23. Photo of Tommy Reilly

    Tommy Reilly Music

  24. Photo of Christopher L. Stone

    Christopher L. Stone Music

  25. Photo of Virginia L. Stone

    Virginia L. Stone Music and Producer

  26. Photo of Davis Boulton

    Davis Boulton Cinematography

  27. Photo of Noreen Ackland

    Noreen Ackland Editing

  28. Photo of C. Wilfred Arnold

    C. Wilfred Arnold Production Design