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  1. Photo of Michael Rubbo

    Michael Rubbo Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Rock Demers

    Rock Demers Producer and Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Jim Kaufman

    Jim Kaufman Producer

  4. Photo of Nicole Robert

    Nicole Robert Producer

  5. Photo of Vojtěch Jasný

    Vojtěch Jasný Screenplay

  6. Photo of Andrée Pelletier

    Andrée Pelletier Screenplay

  7. Photo of Louise Pelletier

    Louise Pelletier Screenplay

  8. Photo of Thomas Vámos

    Thomas Vámos Cinematography

  9. Photo of Mathew Mackay

    Mathew Mackay Cast

  10. Photo of Siluck Saysanasy

    Siluck Saysanasy Cast

  11. Photo of Alison Darcy

    Alison Darcy Cast

  12. Photo of Michael Hogan

    Michael Hogan Cast

  13. Photo of Michel Maillot

    Michel Maillot Cast

  14. Photo of Helen Hughes

    Helen Hughes Cast

  15. Photo of Griffith Brewer

    Griffith Brewer Cast

  16. Photo of Harry Hill

    Harry Hill Cast

  17. Photo of Edgar Fruitier

    Edgar Fruitier Cast

  18. Photo of Pat Thompson

    Pat Thompson Cast

  19. Photo of Terrence Labrosse

    Terrence Labrosse Cast

  20. Photo of Doug Smith

    Doug Smith Cast

  21. Photo of Nick Manekas

    Nick Manekas Cast

  22. Photo of Patrick St-Pierre

    Patrick St-Pierre Cast

  23. Photo of Jeremy Spry

    Jeremy Spry Cast

  24. Photo of Cheryl Zaman-Zadir

    Cheryl Zaman-Zadir Cast

  25. Photo of Audie Grant

    Audie Grant Cast

  26. Photo of Vicki Lee

    Vicki Lee Cast

  27. Photo of Nadka Takahataki

    Nadka Takahataki Cast

  28. Photo of Anna Vitre

    Anna Vitre Cast

  29. Photo of Jean-Guy Montpetit

    Jean-Guy Montpetit Editing

  30. Photo of Vianney Gauthier

    Vianney Gauthier Production Design

  31. Photo of Jean Kazemirchuk

    Jean Kazemirchuk Production Design

  32. Photo of Lewis Furey

    Lewis Furey Music

  33. Photo of Jean Banville

    Jean Banville Animation

  34. Photo of Pascal Blais

    Pascal Blais Animation

  35. Photo of Bernie Denk

    Bernie Denk Animation

  36. Photo of Serge Beauchemin

    Serge Beauchemin Sound

  37. Photo of Huguette Gagné

    Huguette Gagné Costume Design