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  1. Photo of Maximilian Schell

    Maximilian Schell Director, Producer, Screenplay, and Cast

  2. Photo of Dagmar Hirtz

    Dagmar Hirtz Screenplay, Cast, and Editing

  3. Photo of Gustav Rudolf Sellner

    Gustav Rudolf Sellner Cast

  4. Photo of Ruth Hausmeister

    Ruth Hausmeister Cast

  5. Photo of Manuel Sellner

    Manuel Sellner Cast

  6. Photo of Elsa Wagner

    Elsa Wagner Cast

  7. Photo of Michael Weinert

    Michael Weinert Cast

  8. Photo of Peter Hall

    Peter Hall Cast

  9. Photo of Alexander May

    Alexander May Cast

  10. Photo of Franz Seitz

    Franz Seitz Cast, Screenplay, and Producer

  11. Photo of Christian Kohlund

    Christian Kohlund Cast

  12. Photo of Herbert Mensching

    Herbert Mensching Cast

  13. Photo of Peter Moland

    Peter Moland Cast

  14. Photo of Christine Buchegger

    Christine Buchegger Cast

  15. Photo of Gertrud Bald

    Gertrud Bald Cast

  16. Photo of Walter Kohut

    Walter Kohut Cast

  17. Photo of Margarete Schell Noé

    Margarete Schell Noé Cast

  18. Photo of Sigfrit Steiner

    Sigfrit Steiner Cast

  19. Photo of Gila von Weitershausen

    Gila von Weitershausen Cast

  20. Photo of Fani Fotinou

    Fani Fotinou Cast

  21. Photo of Gady Ben-Arzi

    Gady Ben-Arzi Cast

  22. Photo of Walter Schmidinger

    Walter Schmidinger Cast

  23. Photo of Walter Varndal

    Walter Varndal Cast

  24. Photo of Silvia Hürlimann

    Silvia Hürlimann Cast

  25. Photo of Norbert Schiller

    Norbert Schiller Cast

  26. Photo of Angela Salloker

    Angela Salloker Cast

  27. Photo of Peggy Ashcroft

    Peggy Ashcroft Cast

  28. Photo of Elisabeth Bergner

    Elisabeth Bergner Cast

  29. Photo of Lil Dagover

    Lil Dagover Cast

  30. Photo of Käthe Haack

    Käthe Haack Cast

  31. Photo of Johanna Hofer

    Johanna Hofer Cast

  32. Photo of Françoise Rosay

    Françoise Rosay Cast

  33. Photo of Klaus König

    Klaus König Cinematography

  34. Photo of Wolfgang Treu

    Wolfgang Treu Cinematography

  35. Photo of Manos Hatzidakis

    Manos Hatzidakis Music

  36. Photo of Kuli Sander

    Kuli Sander Production Design

  37. Photo of Zev Braun

    Zev Braun Producer

  38. Photo of Klaus Eckelt

    Klaus Eckelt Sound

  39. Photo of Paul Schöler

    Paul Schöler Sound