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Ratings & Reviews

  1. rulesofachia's rating of the film The Perverse Countess

    Sophisticated Alice Arno eating rare steak makes me hungry. I like how the Gothic premise has a clashing aesthetic similar to Vampyros Lesbos. The castle is a great example of bizarrchitecture. I also kind of enjoyed the porn version titled Les Croqueuses which has some extra dungeon scenes.

  2. Christopher R. Smith's rating of the film The Perverse Countess

    Typically flimsy sleaze effort from Franco. Anything that may work - some cool location photography, a great score, and a premise that promises some weirdness - is drowned out by long sequences of nothing happening, apparently to pad out its running time beyond what the underworked plot would allow. There are a few decent moments of camp throughout, but they're not really worth having to sit through the rest of it.