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  1. Photo of Rainer Kaufmann

    Rainer Kaufmann Director, Cast

  2. Photo of Ingrid Noll

    Ingrid Noll Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ralf Hertwig

    Ralf Hertwig Screenplay, Cast

  4. Photo of Kathrin Richter

    Kathrin Richter Screenplay

  5. Photo of Jakob Claussen

    Jakob Claussen Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Thomas Wöbke

    Thomas Wöbke Executive Producer

  7. Photo of Hanno Huth

    Hanno Huth Producer

  8. Photo of Günter Rohrbach

    Günter Rohrbach Producer

  9. Photo of Ludwig Eckmann

    Ludwig Eckmann Music

  10. Photo of Maximilian Geller

    Maximilian Geller Music

  11. Photo of Klaus Eichhammer

    Klaus Eichhammer Cinematography

  12. Photo of Ueli Christen

    Ueli Christen Editing

  13. Photo of Knut Loewe

    Knut Loewe Production Design

  14. Photo of Martin Müller

    Martin Müller Sound

  15. Photo of Katja Riemann

    Katja Riemann Cast

  16. Photo of Jürgen Vogel

    Jürgen Vogel Cast

  17. Photo of Richy Müller

    Richy Müller Cast

  18. Photo of Isabella Parkinson

    Isabella Parkinson Cast

  19. Photo of August Zirner

    August Zirner Cast

  20. Photo of Dagmar Manzel

    Dagmar Manzel Cast

  21. Photo of Andrea Sawatzki

    Andrea Sawatzki Cast

  22. Photo of Joachim Tomaschewsky

    Joachim Tomaschewsky Cast

  23. Photo of Daniele Legler

    Daniele Legler Cast

  24. Photo of Eva Ingeborg Scholz

    Eva Ingeborg Scholz Cast

  25. Photo of Friedrich von Thun

    Friedrich von Thun Cast

  26. Photo of Jan Gregor Kremp

    Jan Gregor Kremp Cast

  27. Photo of Dominic Raacke

    Dominic Raacke Cast

  28. Photo of Christian Baus

    Christian Baus Cast

  29. Photo of Maren Eggert

    Maren Eggert Cast

  30. Photo of Josef Hannesschläger

    Josef Hannesschläger Cast

  31. Photo of Thomas Klausmann

    Thomas Klausmann Cast

  32. Photo of Horst A. Reichel

    Horst A. Reichel Cast

  33. Photo of Natascha Schmidt

    Natascha Schmidt Cast

  34. Photo of Michael Schreiner

    Michael Schreiner Cast

  35. Photo of Edeltraud Schubert

    Edeltraud Schubert Cast

  36. Photo of Rainer Werner

    Rainer Werner Cast

  37. Photo of Lars Weström

    Lars Weström Cast

  38. Photo of Janina Stopper

    Janina Stopper Cast

  39. Photo of Sven Köller

    Sven Köller Cast