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  1. Photo of Stewart Raffill

    Stewart Raffill Director

  2. Photo of Charles Berlitz

    Charles Berlitz Screenplay

  3. Photo of Wallace C. Bennett

    Wallace C. Bennett Screenplay

  4. Photo of William Gray

    William Gray Screenplay

  5. Photo of Don Jakoby

    Don Jakoby Screenplay

  6. Photo of Michael Janover

    Michael Janover Screenplay

  7. Photo of William L. Moore

    William L. Moore Screenplay

  8. Photo of Pegi Brotman

    Pegi Brotman Producer

  9. Photo of John Carpenter

    John Carpenter Executive Producer

  10. Photo of Douglas Curtis

    Douglas Curtis Producer

  11. Photo of Joel B. Michaels

    Joel B. Michaels Producer

  12. Photo of Dick Bush

    Dick Bush Cinematography

  13. Photo of Neil Travis

    Neil Travis Editing

  14. Photo of Kenneth Wannberg

    Kenneth Wannberg Music

  15. Photo of Chris Campbell

    Chris Campbell Production Design

  16. Photo of Robert Gravenor

    Robert Gravenor Sound

  17. Photo of Michael Paré

    Michael Paré Cast

  18. Photo of Nancy Allen

    Nancy Allen Cast

  19. Photo of Eric Christmas

    Eric Christmas Cast

  20. Photo of Bobby Di Cicco

    Bobby Di Cicco Cast

  21. Photo of Louise Latham

    Louise Latham Cast

  22. Photo of Kene Holliday

    Kene Holliday Cast

  23. Photo of Joe Dorsey

    Joe Dorsey Cast

  24. Photo of Michael Currie

    Michael Currie Cast

  25. Photo of Stephen Tobolowsky

    Stephen Tobolowsky Cast

  26. Photo of Gary Brockette

    Gary Brockette Cast

  27. Photo of Debra Troyer

    Debra Troyer Cast

  28. Photo of Miles McNamara

    Miles McNamara Cast

  29. Photo of Ralph Manza

    Ralph Manza Cast

  30. Photo of James Edgcomb

    James Edgcomb Cast

  31. Photo of Glenn Morshower

    Glenn Morshower Cast

  32. Photo of Rodney Saulsberry

    Rodney Saulsberry Cast

  33. Photo of Vivian Brown

    Vivian Brown Cast

  34. Photo of Stephanie Faulkner

    Stephanie Faulkner Cast