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  1. Photo of Lee H. Katzin

    Lee H. Katzin Director

  2. Photo of Bob Booker

    Bob Booker Producer and Story

  3. Photo of George Foster

    George Foster Story and Producer

  4. Photo of Stan Cornyn

    Stan Cornyn Screenplay

  5. Photo of Michel Hugo

    Michel Hugo Cinematography

  6. Photo of Dann Cahn

    Dann Cahn Editing

  7. Photo of Stan Jolley

    Stan Jolley Production Design

  8. Photo of Mike Stoller

    Mike Stoller Music

  9. Photo of John K. Kean

    John K. Kean Sound

  10. Photo of Donfeld

    Donfeld Costume Design

  11. Photo of Michael A. Miller

    Michael A. Miller Cast

  12. Photo of Ray Chippeway

    Ray Chippeway Cast

  13. Photo of Dennis Larden

    Dennis Larden Cast

  14. Photo of Lonny Stevens

    Lonny Stevens Cast

  15. Photo of Lou Antonio

    Lou Antonio Cast

  16. Photo of Mike Kellin

    Mike Kellin Cast

  17. Photo of Michael Ansara

    Michael Ansara Cast

  18. Photo of George Tobias

    George Tobias Cast

  19. Photo of Joan Blondell

    Joan Blondell Cast

  20. Photo of Martha Raye

    Martha Raye Cast

  21. Photo of Larry Hankin

    Larry Hankin Cast

  22. Photo of Ted Eccles

    Ted Eccles Cast

  23. Photo of Ultra Violet

    Ultra Violet Cast

  24. Photo of Pat McCormick

    Pat McCormick Cast

  25. Photo of Joseph Gazal

    Joseph Gazal Cast

  26. Photo of Dan Wallin

    Dan Wallin Sound