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  1. DenoResandono's rating of the film The Piano

    It moved like a photographic memory. I don't know why. As if - this movie took me to a time in the past. It is a formulaic love triangle. Except, Jane Campion injected a lot of souls and aesthetic elements in its storytelling. One thing that I got from this movie is that; no matter how cold and cruel this world is, there is always a beauty in it, we should just keep trying. Holly Hunter really deserved her Oscar...

  2. Graf von Zahl's rating of the film The Piano

    If only the message and the story were as good as the soundtrack.

  3. mehoKnicks's rating of the film The Piano

    Nature et sensualité, tels semblent être les mots d'ordre de Jane Campion, qui nous sert avec ce portrait de femme du XIX ème siècle, un magnifique film empreint d'érotisme et de poésie.Une jeune femme silencieuse choisit la musique et le plaisir de la chair comme vecteur d'expression. Une performance sublime de Holly Hunter enrobée d'une bande son qui ne s'oublie pas..

  4. Leo Gitin's rating of the film The Piano

    It is a mystery to me, how a film, on very rare occasions, gets better over its course. Indeed, "The Piano" slowly navigates away from cliché, at least narrative-wise and proves a wonderful sense of humor (remember the children defiling the trees; the dog erotically licking a hand). However, Nyman or not, the sound editing is quite clumsy at times and the cinematography uninspired - a great opportunity missed.

  5. ejonline's rating of the film The Piano

    Stunning visuals. It was like watching an opera shot on location, with even small quiet or silent actions played to the back of the room. The relationships did not resonate with me, so in some ways I was left with the show. But what a show.

  6. Fabio Osvaldo Carta's rating of the film The Piano

  7. Andrew Lang's rating of the film The Piano

    A classic that I just can't get onboard with, no matter how many times I try. The storytelling feels episodic and disjointed to me; the theme woolly. In the last half hour the film finally locks into a rhythm where all its parts are operating in tandem - like the oars of the rowers in the penultimate scene. These last thirty minutes are indeed satisfying. Before that I find it scattered and my attention wanes.

  8. hyacinthtears's rating of the film The Piano

  9. Iulia Necsulescu's rating of the film The Piano

    cried like a baby three times while watching this

  10. Paolo Utili's rating of the film The Piano

  11. pancake lizard's rating of the film The Piano

    I can see I'm the minority here, but this has not aged well in my eyes. So tacky and on the nose at times, so needlessly aestheticising even an attempted rape. At least three or four moments would immediately be turned into memes if it came out nowadays - they're just too over the top dramatic.

  12. Bo bo min's rating of the film The Piano

  13. Basqueville's rating of the film The Piano

    Un peu surestimé. Mais la photographie est magnifique. Et les acteurs remarquables.

  14. Georges Iroh's rating of the film The Piano

    Objects of pleasure and desire are, by their very nature, placed out of reach so that their pursuit will be punished by fate. Furious eroticism energizes this period piece, although I question the treatment of the Maori characters, as the film has a habit of painting them as unsophisticated. Reminds me of Days of Heaven in several ways, but Campion's chilly palette stands in contrast to Malick's golds and ambers.

  15. ceknklsn's rating of the film The Piano

    60/100 (Kesinlikle olmamış. Yapay ve bayağı zorlama. Ayrıca böyle kolay bir konuya göre bile çok saçma. Ama mesajı çok değerli. Kadınların hor görüldüğü bir düzen yıllardan beri var ve bitmiyor.)

  16. jjk's rating of the film The Piano

    love harvey keitel's masculine energy and jane campion's obsession with obscured visuals. but anna paquin was very irritating

  17. Chearth's rating of the film The Piano

  18. VincentVendetta's rating of the film The Piano

    You know, people like to think of pianos as beautiful and relaxing instruments, but in reality, they're cumbersome and unwieldy.

  19. Ralphesque's rating of the film The Piano

  20. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film The Piano

    A movie about the choice that every person must make in life when one has a broken soul: to either survive with it or go to the bottom of unending despair. Any movie that gave us the presence of Anna Paquin (and what a natural talent she is) is to be cherished as she almost steals the entire show from the just as good adults. Had deserved the Academy Award too. It is such a mesmerising film.

  21. carlosleite's rating of the film The Piano

    Lousy movie!, only saved the actors' performances and the spectacular soundtrack.

  22. nadnab's rating of the film The Piano

  23. ginobartolomi's rating of the film The Piano

    There is a hollowness that resonates in several of its attempts to be lighthearted. Otherwise, it is quite nearly a perfect film. A women's film, through and through. Holly Hunter is triumphant as one of the most powerful female characters in modern cinema.

  24. Emily O's rating of the film The Piano

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