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  1. Photo of Ally Sheedy

    Ally Sheedy Cast

  2. Photo of Chris Penn

    Chris Penn Cast

  3. Photo of Little Richard

    Little Richard Cast

  4. Photo of Danny Aiello

    Danny Aiello Cast

  5. Photo of Dyan Cannon

    Dyan Cannon Cast

  6. Photo of Jerry Stiller

    Jerry Stiller Cast

  7. Photo of Griffin Dunne

    Griffin Dunne Cast

  8. Photo of Isabella Rossellini

    Isabella Rossellini Cast

  9. Photo of Barry Miller

    Barry Miller Cast

  10. Photo of Clotilde Courau

    Clotilde Courau Cast

  11. Photo of Shelley Winters

    Shelley Winters Cast

  12. Photo of Jodi Long

    Jodi Long Cast

  13. Photo of Rebecca Miller

    Rebecca Miller Cast

  14. Photo of Stephen Tobolowsky

    Stephen Tobolowsky Cast

  15. Photo of Caroline Aaron

    Caroline Aaron Cast

  16. Photo of Rita Karin

    Rita Karin Cast

  17. Photo of Linda Carlson

    Linda Carlson Cast

  18. Photo of Kimiko Gelman

    Kimiko Gelman Cast

  19. Photo of J.D. Daniels

    J.D. Daniels Cast

  20. Photo of Spalding Gray

    Spalding Gray Cast

  21. Photo of Elya Baskin

    Elya Baskin Cast

  22. Photo of Michael Greene

    Michael Greene Cast

  23. Photo of Robert Cicchini

    Robert Cicchini Cast

  24. Photo of John Rothman

    John Rothman Cast

  25. Photo of Castulo Guerra

    Castulo Guerra Cast

  26. Photo of Caris Corfman

    Caris Corfman Cast

  27. Photo of Arthur Taxier

    Arthur Taxier Cast

  28. Photo of Sol Frieder

    Sol Frieder Cast

  29. Photo of Geoffrey Blake

    Geoffrey Blake Cast

  30. Photo of Brent Hinkley

    Brent Hinkley Cast

  31. Photo of Eric Edwards

    Eric Edwards Cast

  32. Photo of Richmond Arquette

    Richmond Arquette Cast

  33. Photo of Stephen Polk

    Stephen Polk Cast

  34. Photo of Dudley Moore

    Dudley Moore Cast

  35. Photo of Fred Murphy

    Fred Murphy Cinematography

  36. Photo of Michel Legrand

    Michel Legrand Music

  37. Photo of James D. Bissell

    James D. Bissell Production Design

  38. Photo of Paul Mazursky

    Paul Mazursky Producer, Cast, Screenplay Director

  39. Photo of Stuart H. Pappé

    Stuart H. Pappé Producer and Editing

  40. Photo of Patrick McCormick

    Patrick McCormick Executive Producer