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  1. Photo of Steven Foster

    Steven Foster Screenplay

  2. Photo of Hidetaka Yoshioka

    Hidetaka Yoshioka Cast

  3. Photo of Masato Hagiwara

    Masato Hagiwara Cast

  4. Photo of Yuka Nanri

    Yuka Nanri Cast

  5. Photo of Unshô Ishizuka

    Unshô Ishizuka Cast

  6. Photo of Kazuhiko Inoue

    Kazuhiko Inoue Cast

  7. Photo of Risa Mizuno

    Risa Mizuno Cast

  8. Photo of Hidenobu Kiuchi

    Hidenobu Kiuchi Cast

  9. Photo of Masami Iwasaki

    Masami Iwasaki Cast

  10. Photo of Eiji Takemoto

    Eiji Takemoto Cast

  11. Photo of Takahiro Hirano

    Takahiro Hirano Cast

  12. Photo of Takeshi Maeda

    Takeshi Maeda Cast

  13. Photo of Rie Nakagawa

    Rie Nakagawa Cast

  14. Photo of Yûki Nakao

    Yûki Nakao Cast

  15. Photo of Maki Saitou

    Maki Saitou Cast

  16. Photo of Kousuke Kujirai

    Kousuke Kujirai Cast

  17. Photo of Tenmon

    Tenmon Music

  18. Photo of John Ledford

    John Ledford Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Mark Williams

    Mark Williams Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Bungo Fujiwara

    Bungo Fujiwara Sound

  21. Photo of Shôji Kato

    Shôji Kato Sound

  22. Photo of Rie Komiya

    Rie Komiya Sound

  23. Photo of Kazuhiko Miyamoto

    Kazuhiko Miyamoto Sound

  24. Photo of Keiichirô Morimoto

    Keiichirô Morimoto Sound

  25. Photo of Makoto Shinkai

    Makoto Shinkai Sound, Editing, Director, Cinematography & 2 more
    Makoto Shinkai Sound, Editing, Director, Cinematography, Screenplay, Producer

  26. Photo of Makoto Sumiya

    Makoto Sumiya Sound

  27. Photo of Hitoshi Yamada

    Hitoshi Yamada Sound

  28. Photo of Akinori Anzai

    Akinori Anzai Animation

  29. Photo of Yuji Emoto

    Yuji Emoto Animation

  30. Photo of Chizuru Kobayashi

    Chizuru Kobayashi Animation

  31. Photo of Chika Kojima

    Chika Kojima Animation

  32. Photo of Tetsuya Koshizak

    Tetsuya Koshizak Animation

  33. Photo of Kiyotaka Oshiyama

    Kiyotaka Oshiyama Animation

  34. Photo of Tomoyo Sawada

    Tomoyo Sawada Animation

  35. Photo of Ryousuke Sekiguchi

    Ryousuke Sekiguchi Animation

  36. Photo of Hiromi Suzuki

    Hiromi Suzuki Animation

  37. Photo of Aya Takano

    Aya Takano Animation

  38. Photo of Takumi Tanji

    Takumi Tanji Animation

  39. Photo of Tetsuo Hirakawa

    Tetsuo Hirakawa Animation

  40. Photo of Ushio Tazawa

    Ushio Tazawa Animation

  41. Photo of Mihoko Tomita

    Mihoko Tomita Animation

  42. Photo of Rie Usui

    Rie Usui Animation