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  1. Photo of Arturo Ripstein

    Arturo Ripstein Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of José Donoso

    José Donoso Screenplay

  3. Photo of José Emilio Pacheco

    José Emilio Pacheco Screenplay

  4. Photo of Manuel Puig

    Manuel Puig Screenplay

  5. Photo of Roberto Cobo

    Roberto Cobo Cast

  6. Photo of Lucha Villa

    Lucha Villa Cast

  7. Photo of Ana Martín

    Ana Martín Cast

  8. Photo of Gonzalo Vega

    Gonzalo Vega Cast

  9. Photo of Julián Pastor

    Julián Pastor Cast

  10. Photo of Carmen Salinas

    Carmen Salinas Cast

  11. Photo of Fernando Soler

    Fernando Soler Cast

  12. Photo of Emma Roldán

    Emma Roldán Cast

  13. Photo of Hortensia Santoveña

    Hortensia Santoveña Cast

  14. Photo of Blanca Torres

    Blanca Torres Cast

  15. Photo of Marta Aura

    Marta Aura Cast

  16. Photo of Tere Olmedo

    Tere Olmedo Cast

  17. Photo of Miguel Garzón

    Miguel Garzón Cinematography

  18. Photo of Francisco del Villar

    Francisco del Villar Producer

  19. Photo of Francisco Chiu

    Francisco Chiu Editing