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  1. Photo of Jerzy Domaradzki

    Jerzy Domaradzki Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Andrzej Bianusz

    Andrzej Bianusz Screenplay

  3. Photo of Wieslaw Saniewski

    Wieslaw Saniewski Screenplay

  4. Photo of Kazimierz Kaczor

    Kazimierz Kaczor Cast

  5. Photo of Sławomira Łozińska

    Sławomira Łozińska Cast

  6. Photo of Liliana Komorowska

    Liliana Komorowska Cast

  7. Photo of Wladyslaw Kowalski

    Wladyslaw Kowalski Cast

  8. Photo of Leon Niemczyk

    Leon Niemczyk Cast

  9. Photo of Ewa Zietek

    Ewa Zietek Cast

  10. Photo of Pawel Nowisz

    Pawel Nowisz Cast

  11. Photo of Jaroslaw Kopaczewski

    Jaroslaw Kopaczewski Cast

  12. Photo of Zbigniew Buczkowski

    Zbigniew Buczkowski Cast

  13. Photo of Adam Ferency

    Adam Ferency Cast

  14. Photo of Stanislaw Szymanski

    Stanislaw Szymanski Cinematography

  15. Photo of Marek Wilczyński

    Marek Wilczyński Music

  16. Photo of Elzbieta Kurkowska

    Elzbieta Kurkowska Editing