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  1. Photo of Joe D'Amato

    Joe D'Amato Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Tito Carpi

    Tito Carpi Screenplay

  3. Photo of Annamaria Clementi

    Annamaria Clementi Cast

  4. Photo of Brigitte Petronio

    Brigitte Petronio Cast

  5. Photo of Maxmilian Vhener

    Maxmilian Vhener Cast

  6. Photo of Ernesto Colli

    Ernesto Colli Cast

  7. Photo of Peter Outlaw

    Peter Outlaw Cast

  8. Photo of Christian Borromeo

    Christian Borromeo Cast

  9. Photo of Enrico Biribicchi

    Enrico Biribicchi Cinematography

  10. Photo of Bruno Biriaco

    Bruno Biriaco Music

  11. Photo of Ennio Michettoni

    Ennio Michettoni Production Design

  12. Photo of Vincenzo Vanni

    Vincenzo Vanni Editing