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  1. Photo of César Charlone

    César Charlone Director, Cinematography Screenplay

  2. Photo of Enrique Fernández

    Enrique Fernández Screenplay and Director

  3. Photo of Andrea Barata Ribeiro

    Andrea Barata Ribeiro Producer

  4. Photo of Bel Berlinck

    Bel Berlinck Producer

  5. Photo of Serge Catoire

    Serge Catoire Producer

  6. Photo of Fernando Meirelles

    Fernando Meirelles Producer

  7. Photo of Elena Roux

    Elena Roux Producer

  8. Photo of Gabriel Casacuberta

    Gabriel Casacuberta Music

  9. Photo of Luciano Supervielle

    Luciano Supervielle Music

  10. Photo of César Troncoso

    César Troncoso Cast

  11. Photo of Virginia Méndez

    Virginia Méndez Cast

  12. Photo of Mario Silva

    Mario Silva Cast

  13. Photo of Virginia Ruiz

    Virginia Ruiz Cast

  14. Photo of Henry de Leon

    Henry de Leon Cast

  15. Photo of Jose Arce

    Jose Arce Cast

  16. Photo of Nelson Lence

    Nelson Lence Cast

  17. Photo of Rosario Dos Santos

    Rosario Dos Santos Cast

  18. Photo of Luna Alex Silva

    Luna Alex Silva Cast

  19. Photo of Baltasar Burgos

    Baltasar Burgos Cast

  20. Photo of Carlos Lerena

    Carlos Lerena Cast

  21. Photo of Claudia Büschel

    Claudia Büschel Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Sandino Saravia Vinay

    Sandino Saravia Vinay Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Gustavo Giani

    Gustavo Giani Editing

  24. Photo of Inés Olmedo

    Inés Olmedo Production Design