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  1. Photo of Roman Kachanov

    Roman Kachanov Director

  2. Photo of Sergei Mikhalkov

    Sergei Mikhalkov Screenplay

  3. Photo of Alexandr Grave

    Alexandr Grave Voice

  4. Photo of Anatoliy Papanov

    Anatoliy Papanov Voice

  5. Photo of Anatoli Kubatsky

    Anatoli Kubatsky Voice

  6. Photo of Nikita Bogoslovsky

    Nikita Bogoslovsky Music

  7. Photo of Georgiy Martynyuk

    Georgiy Martynyuk Sound

  8. Photo of Vladimir Zarubin

    Vladimir Zarubin Animation

  9. Photo of Lidiya Reztsova

    Lidiya Reztsova Animation

  10. Photo of Boris Butakov

    Boris Butakov Animation

  11. Photo of Vladimir Krumin

    Vladimir Krumin Animation

  12. Photo of Victor Likhachev

    Victor Likhachev Animation

  13. Photo of Igor Podgorsky

    Igor Podgorsky Animation

  14. Photo of Ivan Davydov

    Ivan Davydov Animation