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  1. Photo of Michael Bakewell

    Michael Bakewell Self

  2. Photo of Doreen Edith Dominy Valiente

    Doreen Edith Dominy Valiente Self

  3. Photo of Mollie Moncrieff

    Mollie Moncrieff Self

  4. Photo of Eleanor Bone

    Eleanor Bone Self

  5. Photo of Alex Sanders

    Alex Sanders Self

  6. Photo of Maxine Sanders

    Maxine Sanders Self

  7. Photo of Keith Thomas

    Keith Thomas Self

  8. Photo of Theo Brown

    Theo Brown Self

  9. Photo of William Henry Paynter

    William Henry Paynter Self

  10. Photo of Edith Goode

    Edith Goode Self

  11. Photo of R.F.G. Pearce

    R.F.G. Pearce Self

  12. Photo of Daphne Reeves

    Daphne Reeves Self

  13. Photo of Barry Irons

    Barry Irons Self

  14. Photo of Cecil Hugh Williamson

    Cecil Hugh Williamson Self

  15. Photo of John Richards

    John Richards Self

  16. Photo of Christopher Neil-Smith

    Christopher Neil-Smith Self

  17. Photo of Irene Champernowne

    Irene Champernowne Self

  18. Photo of Oliver Hunkin

    Oliver Hunkin Producer

  19. Photo of Roy Jordan

    Roy Jordan Editing

  20. Photo of Fred Clark

    Fred Clark Sound