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  1. Photo of George Scribner

    George Scribner Director

  2. Photo of Gerrit Graham

    Gerrit Graham Screenplay

  3. Photo of Sam Graham

    Sam Graham Screenplay

  4. Photo of Chris Hubbell

    Chris Hubbell Screenplay

  5. Photo of Jenny Tripp

    Jenny Tripp Screenplay

  6. Photo of Charles Fleischer

    Charles Fleischer Screenplay

  7. Photo of Mark Twain

    Mark Twain Screenplay

  8. Photo of Wayne Allwine

    Wayne Allwine Cast

  9. Photo of Tony Anselmo

    Tony Anselmo Cast

  10. Photo of Bill Farmer

    Bill Farmer Cast

  11. Photo of Arthur Burghardt

    Arthur Burghardt Cast

  12. Photo of Charles Adler

    Charles Adler Cast

  13. Photo of Frank Welker

    Frank Welker Cast

  14. Photo of Elvia Allman

    Elvia Allman Cast

  15. Photo of Tim Eyster

    Tim Eyster Cast

  16. Photo of Rocky Krakoff

    Rocky Krakoff Cast

  17. Photo of Roy Dortice

    Roy Dortice Cast

  18. Photo of Nicholas Pike

    Nicholas Pike Music

  19. Photo of Thom Enriquez

    Thom Enriquez Production Design

  20. Photo of Dan Rounds

    Dan Rounds Producer

  21. Photo of H. Lee Peterson

    H. Lee Peterson Editing

  22. Photo of Tom C. McCarthy

    Tom C. McCarthy Sound

  23. Photo of Dave Ice

    Dave Ice Sound

  24. Photo of Andreas Deja

    Andreas Deja Animation

  25. Photo of Dale Baer

    Dale Baer Animation

  26. Photo of Mark Kausler

    Mark Kausler Animation

  27. Photo of Mark Henn

    Mark Henn Animation

  28. Photo of Wayne Carlisi

    Wayne Carlisi Animation

  29. Photo of Michael Cedeno

    Michael Cedeno Animation

  30. Photo of Tom Sito

    Tom Sito Animation

  31. Photo of Jesse Cosio

    Jesse Cosio Animation

  32. Photo of Doug Frankel

    Doug Frankel Animation

  33. Photo of Lennie K. Graves

    Lennie K. Graves Animation

  34. Photo of Bridgitte Hartley

    Bridgitte Hartley Animation