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  1. Photo of József Gémes

    József Gémes Director

  2. Photo of Robin Lyons

    Robin Lyons Screenplay and Producer

  3. Photo of Marietta Dárdai

    Marietta Dárdai Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Steve Walsh

    Steve Walsh Executive Producer

  5. Photo of István Lerch

    István Lerch Music

  6. Photo of Magda Hap

    Magda Hap Editing

  7. Photo of Dimitri Bakalov

    Dimitri Bakalov Animation

  8. Photo of Katalin Bánki

    Katalin Bánki Animation

  9. Photo of Sándor Békési

    Sándor Békési Animation

  10. Photo of Iavor Gantchev

    Iavor Gantchev Animation

  11. Photo of Les Gibbard

    Les Gibbard Animation

  12. Photo of Graham Griffiths

    Graham Griffiths Animation

  13. Photo of Magda Kecskés

    Magda Kecskés Animation

  14. Photo of Evgeni Linkov

    Evgeni Linkov Animation

  15. Photo of Charles Macrae

    Charles Macrae Animation

  16. Photo of Zoltán Madarász

    Zoltán Madarász Animation

  17. Photo of Erzsëbet Nyirö

    Erzsëbet Nyirö Animation

  18. Photo of Les Orton

    Les Orton Animation

  19. Photo of Stewart Selkirk

    Stewart Selkirk Animation

  20. Photo of Yvette Sostarics

    Yvette Sostarics Animation

  21. Photo of Lloyd Sutton

    Lloyd Sutton Animation

  22. Photo of Edit Szalay

    Edit Szalay Animation

  23. Photo of Chris Webster

    Chris Webster Animation

  24. Photo of Hugh Workman

    Hugh Workman Animation

  25. Photo of László Ádám

    László Ádám Animation

  26. Photo of Sally Ann Marsh

    Sally Ann Marsh Cast

  27. Photo of Joss Ackland

    Joss Ackland Cast

  28. Photo of Claire Bloom

    Claire Bloom Cast

  29. Photo of Roy Kinnear

    Roy Kinnear Cast