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  1. Photo of Don Chaffey

    Don Chaffey Director

  2. Photo of Pat Jackson

    Pat Jackson Director

  3. Photo of Robert Asher

    Robert Asher Director

  4. Photo of Peter Graham Scott

    Peter Graham Scott Director

  5. Photo of Joseph Serf

    Joseph Serf Director

  6. Photo of Patrick McGoohan

    Patrick McGoohan Screenplay, Director Cast

  7. Photo of George Markstein

    George Markstein Screenplay

  8. Photo of Terence Feely

    Terence Feely Screenplay

  9. Photo of David Tomblin

    David Tomblin Screenplay and Director

  10. Photo of Vincent Tilsley

    Vincent Tilsley Screenplay

  11. Photo of Angelo Muscat

    Angelo Muscat Cast

  12. Photo of Peter Swanwick

    Peter Swanwick Cast

  13. Photo of Leo McKern

    Leo McKern Cast

  14. Photo of Christopher Benjamin

    Christopher Benjamin Cast

  15. Photo of Michael Miller

    Michael Miller Cast

  16. Photo of Alexis Kanner

    Alexis Kanner Cast

  17. Photo of Guy Doleman

    Guy Doleman Cast

  18. Photo of George Baker

    George Baker Cast

  19. Photo of Colin Gordon

    Colin Gordon Cast

  20. Photo of Patrick Cargill

    Patrick Cargill Cast

  21. Photo of John Sharp

    John Sharp Cast

  22. Photo of Mary Morris

    Mary Morris Cast

  23. Photo of Eric Portman

    Eric Portman Cast

  24. Photo of Anton Rodgers

    Anton Rodgers Cast

  25. Photo of David Bauer

    David Bauer Cast

  26. Photo of Peter Wyngarde

    Peter Wyngarde Cast

  27. Photo of Andre Van Gyseghem

    Andre Van Gyseghem Cast

  28. Photo of Derren Nesbitt

    Derren Nesbitt Cast

  29. Photo of Clifford Evans

    Clifford Evans Cast

  30. Photo of Kenneth Griffith

    Kenneth Griffith Cast

  31. Photo of Brendan J. Stafford

    Brendan J. Stafford Cinematography

  32. Photo of Ron Grainer

    Ron Grainer Music

  33. Photo of Lee Doig

    Lee Doig Editing

  34. Photo of Geoffrey Foot

    Geoffrey Foot Editing

  35. Photo of Spencer Reeve

    Spencer Reeve Editing

  36. Photo of John S. Smith

    John S. Smith Editing

  37. Photo of Eric Boyd-Perkins

    Eric Boyd-Perkins Editing

  38. Photo of Noreen Ackland

    Noreen Ackland Editing

  39. Photo of John Bramall

    John Bramall Sound

  40. Photo of Cyril Swern

    Cyril Swern Sound

  41. Photo of Wilf Thompson

    Wilf Thompson Sound

  42. Photo of Peter Elliott

    Peter Elliott Sound

  43. Photo of Stanley Smith

    Stanley Smith Sound

  44. Photo of Eric Rolls

    Eric Rolls Sound