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  1. Photo of Miles Mander

    Miles Mander Cast

  2. Photo of Laurence Hanray

    Laurence Hanray Cast

  3. Photo of William Austin

    William Austin Cast

  4. Photo of John Loder

    John Loder Cast

  5. Photo of Claud Allister

    Claud Allister Cast

  6. Photo of Gibb McLaughlin

    Gibb McLaughlin Cast

  7. Photo of Sam Livesey

    Sam Livesey Cast

  8. Photo of Ludovico Toeplitz

    Ludovico Toeplitz Producer

  9. Photo of Alexander Korda

    Alexander Korda Director and Producer

  10. Photo of Lajos Biró

    Lajos Biró Screenplay

  11. Photo of Arthur Wimperis

    Arthur Wimperis Screenplay

  12. Photo of Georges Périnal

    Georges Périnal Cinematography

  13. Photo of Stephen Harrison

    Stephen Harrison Editing

  14. Photo of Kurt Schroeder

    Kurt Schroeder Music

  15. Photo of John Armstrong

    John Armstrong Costume Design

  16. Photo of Charles Laughton

    Charles Laughton Cast

  17. Photo of Robert Donat

    Robert Donat Cast

  18. Photo of Franklin Dyall

    Franklin Dyall Cast

  19. Photo of Merle Oberon

    Merle Oberon Cast

  20. Photo of Wendy Barrie

    Wendy Barrie Cast

  21. Photo of Elsa Lanchester

    Elsa Lanchester Cast

  22. Photo of Binnie Barnes

    Binnie Barnes Cast

  23. Photo of Everley Gregg

    Everley Gregg Cast

  24. Photo of Lady Tree

    Lady Tree Cast