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  1. Photo of Miguel M. Delgado

    Miguel M. Delgado Director

  2. Photo of Cantinflas

    Cantinflas Cast and Screenplay

  3. Photo of Marga López

    Marga López Cast

  4. Photo of Arturo de Córdova

    Arturo de Córdova Cast

  5. Photo of Víctor Alcocer

    Víctor Alcocer Cast

  6. Photo of Raul A. Martínez

    Raul A. Martínez Cast

  7. Photo of David Bravo

    David Bravo Cast

  8. Photo of Eduardo MacGregor

    Eduardo MacGregor Cast

  9. Photo of Luciano Hernández de la Vega

    Luciano Hernández de la Vega Cast

  10. Photo of Carlos Leon

    Carlos Leon Screenplay

  11. Photo of Alfredo Ruanova

    Alfredo Ruanova Screenplay

  12. Photo of Jaime Salvador

    Jaime Salvador Screenplay

  13. Photo of Jacques Gelman

    Jacques Gelman Producer

  14. Photo of Sergio Guerrero

    Sergio Guerrero Music

  15. Photo of Gabriel Figueroa

    Gabriel Figueroa Cinematography

  16. Photo of Gloria Schoemann

    Gloria Schoemann Editing

  17. Photo of Manuel Fontanals

    Manuel Fontanals Production Design