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Ratings & Reviews

  1. ehk2's rating of the film The Promise

    This is really an annoying watch. The problem with this film -as with similar films- is that the tragedy of the past genocide deserves to be portrayed much more carefully, realistically, accurately instead of being executed as in this sort of Hollywoodised, commercial & infantile story-telling and dramatisation.

  2. Saaam's rating of the film The Promise

    what a touching story . . . :(

  3. Jake Davis's rating of the film The Promise

    "Our revenge will be to survive"

  4. Sean Patrick Stevens's rating of the film The Promise

    This has been unjustly criticized as being tasteless becasue of it's mixing genocide and wartime romance plots. They have given Oscars to more manipulative history films. I felt the acting made the melodrama more credible than it would have been otherwise. However, unlike the expansive running time of a historical novel, a 2 hr film may be too sprawling to deal with the atrocities and the personal drama fully.

  5. Joe Hackman's rating of the film The Promise

    An important story. Some questionable casting distracts from good production design and cinematography.