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  1. Ozu_Teapot's rating of the film The Promised Land

  2. Monasteries's rating of the film The Promised Land

    Wajda accomplishes what Visconti did with The Leopard, but targeting that brand of decadence specific to industrialists. Truly l'enfant terrible of Polish cinema, and this film exhibits that amazingly. Big props for the use of the wide angle lens for debauchery and the single breaking of the fourth wall. I amazingly wish it was longer to get more of a treatment of the workers.

  3. Il secondo maestro del revolver's rating of the film The Promised Land

  4. nouvelle vague 1960's rating of the film The Promised Land

    Late 19th,early 20th century Lodz and the industrial revolution is in full swing in Poland.The peasants are leaving their rural life for the "Promised Land" of Capitalism,only to find they've been screwed again!They're left to live in poverty and work in dangerous conditions,so that their"Masters"can scheme against each other and make more lucre.An interesting film from Wajda,which would benefit from further viewings

  5. michal k's rating of the film The Promised Land

    47 Ratings - WTF is wrong with you people? This is (and I'm serious here) one of the best movies of the 70s. and it has been easily available since Second Run added a brilliant, restored transfer to its collection.

  6. virginwolf's rating of the film The Promised Land

    Thank you Poland for Łoziński, Kieślowski and of course - Wajda!

  7. VENIMOS LOS JODIMOS Y NOS FUIMOS's rating of the film The Promised Land

    Basada en una novela de Wladislaw Reymond, se trata de otra de las obras mayores de Andrzej Wajda, una incisiva mirada critica acerca de la oposición entre la modernidad y el pasado, y sobre la corrupción moral de la Polonia de inicios del siglo XX. Fue durante la proyección de este film que un incendio arrasó con las instalaciones de la Cineteca Nacional en 1982. La música de Wojciech Kilar es extraordinaria.