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Ratings & Reviews

  1. spasmolytic's rating of the film The Prophecy

    So stupid. I'll watch it occasionally.

  2. Luca Soldati's rating of the film The Prophecy

    Storia molto interessante, che catapulta lo spettatore in una guerra ben strutturata. Narrazione incisiva, che punta sulla creazione di un'atmosfera efficace. La guerra sacra viene ben percepita, con sviluppi ben studiati e un finale molto intenso. Molto bello il cameo di Lucifero. Il lato tecnico riesce a creare delle sequenze visivamente molto interessanti. I personaggi hanno un bel carisma. Colonna sonora ispirata

  3. the_mentaculus's rating of the film The Prophecy

    There was definitely a real movie here at some point - but it's like a '90's Christian indie thriller was re-edited by Tinto Brass for the R-rated set. Koteas and Madsen try to pull off their best Mulder and Scully impression, and most of the film seems to have been culled from B-roll. But I could do a whole movie of Viggo playing Lucifer quoting Bible School songs with Walken doing a dance interpretation as Gabriel.

  4. Tlr Creme Org's rating of the film The Prophecy

    Not that great in the end, but Christopher Walken saves the day. Man I wish the devil would get to win some time (or is that a spoiler)

  5. Scorpio Velvet's rating of the film The Prophecy

    This film sucked so bad that Christopher Walken gave out a fantastic performance.

  6. ElTigreNegro's rating of the film The Prophecy

    Probably Walken's fines hour.

  7. Mathias Palmberg's rating of the film The Prophecy

    Cool story and some great casting choices but the production design should have been bigger and more extravagant to fit the scope of the story.