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  1. Photo of Dan Piţa

    Dan Piţa Director

  2. Photo of Mircea Veroiu

    Mircea Veroiu Director

  3. Photo of Titus Popovici

    Titus Popovici Screenplay

  4. Photo of Ilarion Ciobanu

    Ilarion Ciobanu Cast

  5. Photo of Ovidiu Moldovan

    Ovidiu Moldovan Cast

  6. Photo of Mircea Diaconu

    Mircea Diaconu Cast

  7. Photo of Victor Rebengiuc

    Victor Rebengiuc Cast

  8. Photo of Vasile Nitulescu

    Vasile Nitulescu Cast

  9. Photo of Gheorghe Visu

    Gheorghe Visu Cast

  10. Photo of Olga Tudorache

    Olga Tudorache Cast

  11. Photo of Clody Bertola

    Clody Bertola Cast

  12. Photo of Mariana Mihuţ

    Mariana Mihuţ Cast

  13. Photo of Carmen Galin

    Carmen Galin Cast

  14. Photo of Nicolae Margineanu

    Nicolae Margineanu Cinematography

  15. Photo of Adrian Enescu

    Adrian Enescu Music

  16. Photo of Aureliu Ionescu

    Aureliu Ionescu Production Design

  17. Photo of Nicolae Mitican

    Nicolae Mitican Producer

  18. Photo of Cristina Ionescu

    Cristina Ionescu Editing