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  1. Photo of Helmut Weiss

    Helmut Weiss Director

  2. Photo of Heinrich Spoerl

    Heinrich Spoerl Screenplay

  3. Photo of Karin Himboldt

    Karin Himboldt Cast

  4. Photo of Hilde Sessak

    Hilde Sessak Cast

  5. Photo of Erich Ponto

    Erich Ponto Cast

  6. Photo of Paul Henckels

    Paul Henckels Cast

  7. Photo of Hans Leibelt

    Hans Leibelt Cast

  8. Photo of Lutz Götz

    Lutz Götz Cast

  9. Photo of Hans Richter

    Hans Richter Cast

  10. Photo of Clemens Hasse

    Clemens Hasse Cast

  11. Photo of Hedwig Wangel

    Hedwig Wangel Cast

  12. Photo of Anneliese Würtz

    Anneliese Würtz Cast

  13. Photo of Margarete Schön

    Margarete Schön Cast

  14. Photo of Max Gülstorff

    Max Gülstorff Cast

  15. Photo of Egon Vogel

    Egon Vogel Cast

  16. Photo of Rudi Schippel

    Rudi Schippel Cast

  17. Photo of Ewald Wenck

    Ewald Wenck Cast

  18. Photo of Albert Florath

    Albert Florath Cast

  19. Photo of Karl Etlinger

    Karl Etlinger Cast

  20. Photo of Georg H. Schnell

    Georg H. Schnell Cast

  21. Photo of Georg Vogelsang

    Georg Vogelsang Cast

  22. Photo of Maria Litto

    Maria Litto Cast

  23. Photo of Erwin Biegel

    Erwin Biegel Cast

  24. Photo of Karl Platen

    Karl Platen Cast

  25. Photo of Walter Werner

    Walter Werner Cast

  26. Photo of Ewald Daub

    Ewald Daub Cinematography

  27. Photo of Werner Bochmann

    Werner Bochmann Music

  28. Photo of Willi Herrmann

    Willi Herrmann Production Design

  29. Photo of Heinz Rühmann

    Heinz Rühmann Producer and Cast

  30. Photo of Helmuth Schönnenbeck

    Helmuth Schönnenbeck Editing

  31. Photo of Alfred Zunft

    Alfred Zunft Sound

  32. Photo of Walter Schulze-Mittendorf

    Walter Schulze-Mittendorf Costume Design