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  1. Photo of Jonathan Hensleigh

    Jonathan Hensleigh Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Michael France

    Michael France Screenplay

  3. Photo of Avi Arad

    Avi Arad Producer

  4. Photo of Gale Anne Hurd

    Gale Anne Hurd Producer

  5. Photo of Conrad W. Hall

    Conrad W. Hall Cinematography

  6. Photo of Carlo Siliotto

    Carlo Siliotto Music

  7. Photo of Jeff Gullo

    Jeff Gullo Editing

  8. Photo of Steven Kemper

    Steven Kemper Editing

  9. Photo of Michael Z. Hanan

    Michael Z. Hanan Production Design

  10. Photo of Thomas Jane

    Thomas Jane Cast

  11. Photo of John Travolta

    John Travolta Cast

  12. Photo of Will Patton

    Will Patton Cast

  13. Photo of Laura Harring

    Laura Harring Cast

  14. Photo of James Carpinello

    James Carpinello Cast

  15. Photo of Rebecca Romijn

    Rebecca Romijn Cast

  16. Photo of Ben Foster

    Ben Foster Cast

  17. Photo of John Pinette

    John Pinette Cast

  18. Photo of Eddie Jemison

    Eddie Jemison Cast

  19. Photo of Samantha Mathis

    Samantha Mathis Cast

  20. Photo of Marcus Johns

    Marcus Johns Cast

  21. Photo of Roy Scheider

    Roy Scheider Cast

  22. Photo of Kevin Nash

    Kevin Nash Cast

  23. Photo of A. Russell Andrews

    A. Russell Andrews Cast

  24. Photo of Omar Avila

    Omar Avila Cast

  25. Photo of Mark Collie

    Mark Collie Cast

  26. Photo of Russell Durham Comegys

    Russell Durham Comegys Cast

  27. Photo of Antoni Corone

    Antoni Corone Cast

  28. Photo of Rick Elmhurst

    Rick Elmhurst Cast

  29. Photo of Michael Reardon

    Michael Reardon Cast

  30. Photo of William Haze

    William Haze Cast

  31. Photo of Marco St. John

    Marco St. John Cast

  32. Photo of Bonnie Johnson

    Bonnie Johnson Cast

  33. Photo of Veryl Jones

    Veryl Jones Cast

  34. Photo of Carleth Keys

    Carleth Keys Cast

  35. Photo of Alan Lilly

    Alan Lilly Cast

  36. Photo of Marc Macaulay

    Marc Macaulay Cast

  37. Photo of Nick Loren

    Nick Loren Cast

  38. Photo of Tom Nowicki

    Tom Nowicki Cast