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  1. Photo of Clemens Klopfenstein

    Clemens Klopfenstein Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Niklaus Schlienger

    Niklaus Schlienger Screenplay

  3. Photo of François Cartier

    François Cartier Screenplay

  4. Photo of Roland Schäfer

    Roland Schäfer Cast

  5. Photo of Corinna Kirchhoff

    Corinna Kirchhoff Cast

  6. Photo of Silvia Reize

    Silvia Reize Cast

  7. Photo of Erwin Kohlund

    Erwin Kohlund Cast

  8. Photo of Trude Breitschopf

    Trude Breitschopf Cast

  9. Photo of Hanns Zischler

    Hanns Zischler Cast

  10. Photo of Roger Bruckhardt

    Roger Bruckhardt Cast

  11. Photo of Uli Eichenberger

    Uli Eichenberger Cast

  12. Photo of Hans Gaugler

    Hans Gaugler Cast

  13. Photo of Peter Wullschleger

    Peter Wullschleger Cinematography

  14. Photo of Benedikt Jeger

    Benedikt Jeger Music

  15. Photo of Hans Georg Koch

    Hans Georg Koch Music

  16. Photo of Maeve Farias

    Maeve Farias Editing

  17. Photo of Vendula Roudnicka

    Vendula Roudnicka Editing