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  1. Photo of Jim Dine

    Jim Dine Self

  2. Photo of Jack Doroshow

    Jack Doroshow Self

  3. Photo of Richard Finnochio

    Richard Finnochio Self

  4. Photo of Bruce Jay Friedman

    Bruce Jay Friedman Self

  5. Photo of Bernard Giquel

    Bernard Giquel Self

  6. Photo of Jill Krementz

    Jill Krementz Self

  7. Photo of Jerry Leiber

    Jerry Leiber Self

  8. Photo of Mary Ellen Mark

    Mary Ellen Mark Self

  9. Photo of Mario Montez

    Mario Montez Self

  10. Photo of George Plimpton

    George Plimpton Self

  11. Photo of Larry Rivers

    Larry Rivers Self

  12. Photo of Edie Sedgwick

    Edie Sedgwick Self

  13. Photo of Terry Southern

    Terry Southern Self

  14. Photo of Andy Warhol

    Andy Warhol Self

  15. Photo of Robert Elfstrom

    Robert Elfstrom Cinematography

  16. Photo of Frank Simon

    Frank Simon Cinematography and Director

  17. Photo of Kenneth Van Sickle

    Kenneth Van Sickle Cinematography

  18. Photo of Joseph Zysman

    Joseph Zysman Cinematography

  19. Photo of Lewis M. Allen

    Lewis M. Allen Producer and Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Geraldine Fabrikant

    Geraldine Fabrikant Editing

  21. Photo of Gwen Brown

    Gwen Brown Sound

  22. Photo of Sven Lukin

    Sven Lukin Sound

  23. Photo of Nigel Noble

    Nigel Noble Sound