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  1. Photo of Lilik Sudjio

    Lilik Sudjio Director

  2. Photo of Imam Tantowi

    Imam Tantowi Screenplay

  3. Photo of Suzanna Martha Frederika van Osch

    Suzanna Martha Frederika van Osch Cast

  4. Photo of W.D. Mochtar

    W.D. Mochtar Cast

  5. Photo of Teddy Purba

    Teddy Purba Cast

  6. Photo of Sofia W.D.

    Sofia W.D. Cast

  7. Photo of Alan Nuary

    Alan Nuary Cast

  8. Photo of Siska Widowati

    Siska Widowati Cast

  9. Photo of Dorman Borisman

    Dorman Borisman Cast

  10. Photo of Jufri Sardan

    Jufri Sardan Cast

  11. Photo of Mien Brojo

    Mien Brojo Cast

  12. Photo of Tizar Purbaya

    Tizar Purbaya Cast

  13. Photo of Gatot Sudarto

    Gatot Sudarto Music