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  1. Photo of Sam Raimi

    Sam Raimi Director

  2. Photo of Toby Jaffe

    Toby Jaffe Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Robert G. Tapert

    Robert G. Tapert Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Joshua Donen

    Joshua Donen Producer

  5. Photo of Patrick Markey

    Patrick Markey Producer

  6. Photo of Allen Shapiro

    Allen Shapiro Producer

  7. Photo of Simon Moore

    Simon Moore Screenplay

  8. Photo of Dante Spinotti

    Dante Spinotti Cinematography

  9. Photo of Sharon Stone

    Sharon Stone Cast

  10. Photo of Gene Hackman

    Gene Hackman Cast

  11. Photo of Russell Crowe

    Russell Crowe Cast

  12. Photo of Leonardo DiCaprio

    Leonardo DiCaprio Cast

  13. Photo of Tobin Bell

    Tobin Bell Cast

  14. Photo of Keith David

    Keith David Cast

  15. Photo of Lance Henriksen

    Lance Henriksen Cast

  16. Photo of Pat Hingle

    Pat Hingle Cast

  17. Photo of Gary Sinise

    Gary Sinise Cast

  18. Photo of Kevin Conway

    Kevin Conway Cast

  19. Photo of Pietro Scalia

    Pietro Scalia Editing

  20. Photo of Patrizia von Brandenstein

    Patrizia von Brandenstein Production Design

  21. Photo of Alan Silvestri

    Alan Silvestri Music

  22. Photo of Judianna Makovsky

    Judianna Makovsky Costume Design

  23. Photo of Woody Strode

    Woody Strode Cast

  24. Photo of Bruce Campbell

    Bruce Campbell Cast

  25. Photo of Jay Kamen

    Jay Kamen Sound

  26. Photo of Roberts Blossom

    Roberts Blossom Cast

  27. Photo of Mark Boone Junior

    Mark Boone Junior Cast

  28. Photo of Olivia Burnette

    Olivia Burnette Cast