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  1. Photo of Ruggero Deodato

    Ruggero Deodato Director

  2. Photo of Maurizio Amati

    Maurizio Amati Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Tito Carpi

    Tito Carpi Screenplay

  4. Photo of Vincenzo Mannino

    Vincenzo Mannino Screenplay

  5. Photo of Roberto D'Ettorre Piazzoli

    Roberto D'Ettorre Piazzoli Cinematography

  6. Photo of Christopher Connelly

    Christopher Connelly Cast

  7. Photo of Goia Scola

    Goia Scola Cast

  8. Photo of Tony King

    Tony King Cast

  9. Photo of Stefano Mingrado

    Stefano Mingrado Cast

  10. Photo of Ivan Rassimov

    Ivan Rassimov Cast

  11. Photo of Giancarlo Prati

    Giancarlo Prati Cast

  12. Photo of Bruce Baron

    Bruce Baron Cast

  13. Photo of George Hilton

    George Hilton Cast

  14. Photo of Michele Soavi

    Michele Soavi Cast

  15. Photo of Adriana Giuffrè

    Adriana Giuffrè Cast

  16. Photo of Vincenzo Tomassi

    Vincenzo Tomassi Editing

  17. Photo of Guido De Angelis

    Guido De Angelis Music

  18. Photo of Maurizio De Angelis

    Maurizio De Angelis Music

  19. Photo of Maurizio Fardo

    Maurizio Fardo Cast

  20. Photo of Lewis E. Ciannelli

    Lewis E. Ciannelli Cast

  21. Photo of John Vasallo

    John Vasallo Cast

  22. Photo of Gudrun Schmeissner

    Gudrun Schmeissner Cast

  23. Photo of Bruno Amalfitano

    Bruno Amalfitano Production Design