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  1. Photo of Basil Dearden

    Basil Dearden Director

  2. Photo of Michael Relph

    Michael Relph Producer

  3. Photo of T.E.B. Clarke

    T.E.B. Clarke Screenplay

  4. Photo of Otto Heller

    Otto Heller Cinematography

  5. Photo of Jack Harris

    Jack Harris Editing

  6. Photo of William Alwyn

    William Alwyn Music

  7. Photo of Robert Morley

    Robert Morley Cast

  8. Photo of Kay Walsh

    Kay Walsh Cast

  9. Photo of Edward Underdown

    Edward Underdown Cast

  10. Photo of Bill Owen

    Bill Owen Cast

  11. Photo of Charles Victor

    Charles Victor Cast

  12. Photo of Honor Blackman

    Honor Blackman Cast

  13. Photo of Wilfrid Hyde-White

    Wilfrid Hyde-White Cast

  14. Photo of Ronald Ward

    Ronald Ward Cast

  15. Photo of Howard Marion-Crawford

    Howard Marion-Crawford Cast

  16. Photo of Sidney James

    Sidney James Cast

  17. Photo of Michael Trubshawe

    Michael Trubshawe Cast

  18. Photo of Sam Kydd

    Sam Kydd Cast

  19. Photo of Herbert C. Walton

    Herbert C. Walton Cast

  20. Photo of George Thorpe

    George Thorpe Cast

  21. Photo of Michael Ripper

    Michael Ripper Cast

  22. Photo of Frederick Piper

    Frederick Piper Cast

  23. Photo of Eliot Makeham

    Eliot Makeham Cast

  24. Photo of Brian Roper

    Brian Roper Cast

  25. Photo of David Hemmings

    David Hemmings Cast

  26. Photo of Glyn Houston

    Glyn Houston Cast

  27. Photo of Katie Johnson

    Katie Johnson Cast

  28. Photo of Bernard Lee

    Bernard Lee Cast

  29. Photo of Gordon Richards

    Gordon Richards Cast