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  1. Photo of Alejandro Jodorowsky

    Alejandro Jodorowsky Director

  2. Photo of Robert Taicher

    Robert Taicher Producer

  3. Photo of Vincent Winter

    Vincent Winter Producer

  4. Photo of Ronnie Taylor

    Ronnie Taylor Cinematography

  5. Photo of Peter O'Toole

    Peter O'Toole Cast

  6. Photo of Omar Sharif

    Omar Sharif Cast

  7. Photo of Christopher Lee

    Christopher Lee Cast

  8. Photo of Francesco Romano

    Francesco Romano Cast

  9. Photo of Jane Chaplin

    Jane Chaplin Cast

  10. Photo of Mauro Bonanni

    Mauro Bonanni Editing

  11. Photo of Jean Musy

    Jean Musy Music

  12. Photo of Johannes Weineck

    Johannes Weineck Executive Producer

  13. Photo of Didier Naert

    Didier Naert Production Design

  14. Photo of Alexandre Trauner

    Alexandre Trauner Production Design

  15. Photo of Jude Alderson

    Jude Alderson Cast

  16. Photo of Linzi Drew

    Linzi Drew Cast

  17. Photo of Peter Dennis

    Peter Dennis Cast

  18. Photo of Joanna Dickens

    Joanna Dickens Cast

  19. Photo of Berta Dominguez D.

    Berta Dominguez D. Cast and Screenplay

  20. Photo of Edward Donovan

    Edward Donovan Cast

  21. Photo of Ian Dury

    Ian Dury Cast