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  1. Photo of Ken Russell

    Ken Russell Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Dan Ireland

    Dan Ireland Executive Producer

  3. Photo of William J. Quigley

    William J. Quigley Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Vivian Russell

    Vivian Russell Screenplay

  5. Photo of D.H. Lawrence

    D.H. Lawrence Screenplay

  6. Photo of Billy Williams

    Billy Williams Cinematography

  7. Photo of Sammi Davis

    Sammi Davis Cast

  8. Photo of Paul McGann

    Paul McGann Cast

  9. Photo of Amanda Donohoe

    Amanda Donohoe Cast

  10. Photo of Christopher Gable

    Christopher Gable Cast

  11. Photo of David Hemmings

    David Hemmings Cast

  12. Photo of Glenda Jackson

    Glenda Jackson Cast

  13. Photo of Dudley Sutton

    Dudley Sutton Cast

  14. Photo of Jim Carter

    Jim Carter Cast

  15. Photo of Judith Paris

    Judith Paris Cast

  16. Photo of Glenda McKay

    Glenda McKay Cast

  17. Photo of Peter Davies

    Peter Davies Editing

  18. Photo of Luciana Arrighi

    Luciana Arrighi Production Design

  19. Photo of Carl Davis

    Carl Davis Music